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PhytoaEstetica – Phytotherapy cellular reactivation by Zanellato

Phytotherapy cellular reactivation for the Face

In December 2022 we launched the new Face Mask Re-GEN.

Our Galenic Cataplasm, adjusted for the face skin and enriched with anti-aging active ingredients, is the basis of the product. It is spread on an elegant golden silicone mask, which is adaptable to all the types of face.

Scientific tests have shown its ability to: stimulate cell turnover, eliminate dead cells, slow aging, tone tissues and then smooth wrinkles, drain and deflate the bags under the eyes, and capture free radicals that turn off the complexion and cause impurities. The active ingredients are able to penetrate so deeply into the layers of the skin thanks to ozonization, a particular processing technique developed in our laboratories.

Your skin will be REGENERATED in just one hour!

Phytotherapy cellular reactivation for the Body

Our exclusive Galenic Cataplasm Compress was created in 1956 and then constantly improved by the current owner, Riccardo Zanellato. It represents our flagship, combining the healing effect with aesthetic improvement.

The Compress has a powerful anti-inflammatory action, thus promoting: the cellular reactivation, the absorption of body fluids that cause water retention, and the reduction of localized fat in the female critical points.

Result? Detoxified tissues, toned skin, and decreased blemishes.